Lab 7: Creating Folders in VMware vCenter Server

In this Lab, I will demonstrate how to create vCenter Server inventory objects.

The tasks list for the lab 7: 

  • Create a Host Folder Object
  • Create two virtual machines folders


  • Log in the web client portal: https://vCenter Server Appliance Name.domainname:9443/vshpere-client/#
  • VMware vCenter Server Appliance root password

Steps for the task: Create a Host Folder Object 

Folders contain the same type of group objects for easier management. In this task, I am going to create “New Host and Cluster folder” to store my ESXi hosts.

Step1: Click login to connect to the vCenter server Appliance with root user and password.0

Step2: Now you need to click Hosts and Clusters from vCenter Home 1.jpg

Step3: Before creating the folder, you need to first connect to the data centre. If your data centre has not configured yet, You need to configure it under the vCenter.

Create a new data centre: 

  • Browse to the vCenter Server system in the vSphere Web Client.
  • Click Actions > New Datacenter. Type the name of the data Center and Ok.2

Add hosts to the new datacenter: 

  • Navigate to a datacenter and click the Add Host icon for adding ESXi host in the datacenter.
  • Type the IP address or the name of the host and click Next.Then Type root and administrator credentials and click Next.3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg

Step4: I am creating a Cata Center, right click on “DataCenter” and click “All vCenter Action”. Then click “New Host and Cluster Folder13.jpg

Step5: Now type the name of the “New  Host and Cluster Folder” “Lab Servers” in where you will contain your both VMware ESXi hosts. 14.jpg

Drag the ESXi host into the folder.15.jpg16.jpg

Note: If you don’t see the newly created folder, you need to refresh the vSphere Web Client to see the folder.

Steps for the task: Create two virtual machines folders

In this task, I am going to create two ” New VM and Templates Folder“.  In one folder, named “labVMs“, I will contain all of my VM, and another folder, named” Templates”, I’ll use to store templates.

Step1: Select VMs and Templates from vCenter under Home; 18.jpg

Step2: Right click on “DataCenter” and Select “All vCenter Actions“. Then  Click “New VM and Templates Folder”.


Step3: Type the name of the folder “LabVMs” because in this folder we will contain our all VMs. Then Click “OK19.jpg

Step4: For creating the secondary folder “Templates“, follow all above steps  1-4. Type the name of the folder “Templates”. Click “Ok21.jpg

Step 5: You can now view the newly created folders. Double click on “DataCenter” Click “Top Level Objects”  and Right click on each of folders to explore.22.jpg

This lab is all about to organise and managing inventory on VMware vCenter appliance.

Thank you 🙂 


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