lab 10: Accessing NFS Storage

In this Lab, I will demonstrate how to configure access to an NFS datastore.

The NFS protocol is one of several distributed file system standards for network-attached storage (NAS). The NFS allow computers to mount a disk partition on a remote machine as if it were a local disk. It allows for fast, seamless sharing of files across a network.

An NFS file system is located on a NAS device that is called NFS server. One or more directories store in NFS server that is shared with the ESXi host through the TCP/IP network. EXSi hosts access the NFS server through a VMkernel port and the VMkernel port defined on the virtual switch.

 The tasks list for the lab 10: 

  • Configure Access to NFS Datastores
  • View NFS Storage Information

Steps for the task: Configure Access to NFS Datastores

In this task, I will create a new datastore for NFS volume to mount an NFS volume which located on the dataontap Storage system. EXSi host access the NFS server through the IP address or host address of NFS server.


  • Log in the web client portal: https://vCenter Server Appliance Name.domainname:9443/vshpere-client/#
  • VMware vCenter Server Appliance root password
  • NFS server hostname or IP address
  • NFS logical unit number

Step1: Login into the VMwere Vsphere web client  with root user and password0

Step 2. Now click vCenter -> Storage -> Datacenter. Then Go to Related objects and select “Datastores”1.jpg2.jpg

Step 3. Now we will create a new datastore for the NFS volume. Click ” Create a new datastore” icon in the datastore pane. You will get a wizard after clicking and you need to provide step by step information for mounting NFS server.

  1. Location: DataCenter


2. Type: NFS [ we are going to create a datastore for NFS share volume over the network]4.jpg

3. Datastore Name and Configuration:

Name Any Appropriate name you prefer.

NFS Share Details: Server [ Your NFS server IP or host name]

Folder: The path of the folder on the NFS server [It is case sensitive, You have put exact same name which is in the NFS server]. Then click “Next“. In the host accessibility section, You need to mention which ESXi host you want to give access permission.1.jpg

Access mode: If you select the “Mount NFS as Ready only”, it will only give you read privilege. leave the check box selected and mount the NFS datastore with Read/Write privilege.



Steps for the task: View NFS Storage Information

In this step, I will demonstrate how to view the NFS information and contents of the NFS datastore in the VMWere vSphere web client environment.

Step1: Go to the Datacenter Center from Storage pane. Click Monitor and select Storage Reports button. The list will be blank at the first time.


Step2: Now you need to click ” Report on”. You will see there are so many storage options for monitoring, Select “NAS Mounts”


Step3: You may get some warning message that report are not up to date. Usually, system updates the report every 2 hours interval. You need to “Rescan” the report page to get update report.

click Rescan vCenter Server for the new inventory and storage devices icon. You will get a confirmation page, click ok. After that, information about NAS datastore will be displayed in the report.6.jpg7.jpg



Thank you 🙂 




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