Lab 18: Resource Pools

In this lab, I am going to Create and Use Resource Pools on an ESXi host by using vCenter Server.


  • Log in the VMware vSphere web client portal: https://vCenter Server Appliance Name.domainname:9443/vshpere-client/# or VMware vSphere Client via root user and password.

The tasks list for lab 18: 

  • Create CPU Contention
  • Create a Resource Pool Named Fin-Test
  • Create a Resouce Pool Name Fin-Prod
  • Verify Resource Pool Functionality

Steps for the task: Create CPU contention 

CPU contention is the state of using the limited logical CPU resources by the multiple VMs and being forced by the VMkernel to share. CPU contention is the responsible for the VMs poor Performance.

Step 1: Select Home ->vCenter ->VMs and Templates 1.jpg

Step 2: Powered On your VMs and make sure they are running on the same host2.jpg

Step 3: Login into the VM using Console or VMRC.  Right-click on the script of “Cpubusy.vbs” and Open with command Prompt3.jpg

Step 4: Run the script 2-3 minutes for making it stabilise in the  VM operating system.4.jpg5.jpg

Step 5: Now you can see that “cpubusy.vbs” is running both VMs6.jpg

Step 6: Right Click on the VM and “Edit Settings7.jpg

Set the CPU -> Set Scheduling Affinity “1” in space provided from the Virtual Hardware section of Edit Settings.8.jpg

Repeat the steps of Scheduling Affinity for the both VM. The VM will run only on Processor 1 after giving the value “1” to scheduling Affinity.9.jpg

You will notice from the running script, the program is processing approximately at the same rate of each virtual machine.10.jpg

Steps for the task: Create a Resouce Pool Named Fin-Test

You can control over the resources of a host through the Resource pools.

Step 1: Go to the Home ->vCenter -> Hosts and Clusters. Right-Click on the host [ I select ESXi host 1] and Select “All vCenter Actions -> New Resouce Pool. 


Step 2: Perform the following action on the new Resource Pool wizard

Name: Fin-Test

CPU Resource Shares: low

All other settings keep the default. Then Ok.


Step for the task: Create a Resource Pool Named Fin-Prod

Step1: Select Home ->vCenter -> Hosts and Clusters. Right-Click on the ESXi host 1 and Select “All vCenter Actions -> New Resource Pool”


Step 2: Perform the following action on the New Resource Pool wizard

Name: Fin-Prod

CPU Shares: High

All another setting keep the default. Then “OK”


Steps for the task: Verify Resource Pool Functionality 

You can add and remove existing VM to a resource Pool.

Step 1: Select the “Fin-Prod” and Click “Summary” tab17.jpg

Step 2: select the Fin-Test and Click the “Summary” for checking the number of Shares18.jpg

Step 3: Drag You VM to the Fin-Pool and Prod-Pool. I placed “momatajvmcleint01-2” in Fin Prod and “momatajvmclient01-3” in the Fin-Test19.jpg20.jpg

Step 4: View the cpubusy.vbs in each VM console. You will see the difference from the running VMs. 21.jpg24.jpg

Step 5: Right-Click on the Fin-Prod and Select  Settings25.jpg

Step 6: Change the Shares state for the Fin-Test resource pool = Low to Normal 26.jpg

Verify the result from running Script. The output has been changed. 27.jpg


Step 7: Change the CPU shares state for the Fin-Prod: Hign to Normal29.jpg

Verify the result.  Both VMs are running at the same rate at the CPU shares Normal30.jpg

Press Ctrl + C to stop the Script from your VMs.

Thank You 🙂


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