Week One Phase-2 Activities

On 05 May 2017, It was my first class with my supervisor Mr Ali Javan. In this class, he explained us the difference between the research project and Implementing project, marks distribution, time duration, and reports technique.

In this class, I submitted a brief about my project plan to my supervisor. As I love deployment and execution, therefore; I selected an implementing project.

Preliminary, my project Title is “To Migrate SQL Server Database system from on-promises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure Hybrid and Public Cloud Platform”. Henceforth, the main objective of the project is a marketplace solution of cloud database system. I am planning to focus on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud and a platform as a service (PaaS) in the Azure public platform.

This is my initial project plan:

The first step of the project:

SQL server migration from physical server to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines as IaaS

* Installation VM machines and configure infrastructure in Azure like the local infrastructure with the similar requirements

* Storage configuration

* Applied data migration tool based on volume of the data

* Services and Integration testing

The second Step of the project:

SQL Server migration from on promises server to Microsoft Azure SQL Database as PaaS

* Creating Microsoft Azure SQL Database

* Data integration

* Geo-replication configuration and mirroring data with primary and secondary database

* Configure and Integrate Business Intelligence report system with database system for data analysis

The third Step of the project:

* Configure and testing Disaster recovery

* Configure and testing High availability

* Configure and testing Fault tolerance

* Database management tools for administrative purpose

Now I am thinking of an architecture of the project design. In this week, I will work on project requirement, impact and consequence of my project before making my final proposal. I hope I will come out an innovative solution in this week.

Therefore, Next week I will able to discuss my ultimate project title, architecture and proposal in details.

Thank you 🙂  


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