Week Three Phase-5 Activities

On the day 1, week three, 18 May 2017, I am studying on “Big Data” project in the different platform. As I chose “Big Data analysis in the cloud platform” for my project, It is completely a challenging topic to me. Therefore, I need to know more about it and enrich my knowledge to implement it.

First of all, I am searching which platform is best fit for this project and what is the main problem on the traditional platform.

Secondly, I am looking for the tools and method that is using the cloud platform for the big data analysis

Thirdly, I am trying to virtualize a realistic enterprise system where I will apply my project for the demo.

Finally, I am studying about Data warehouse and Business Intelligence.

Based on my all study and research, I am preparing my prosal that I have to submit tomorrow, on 19th May 2017.

The references link:





Thank you 🙂


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