Week Four Activities: Project Proposal Defence Experience

On 26 May 2017 was my Project Proposal Defence Seminar. As you know my project title “Implementing an end-to-end scalable analytical suite to simplify the business decision-making for classified Big data sets using Public Cloud Services “. It was a powerpoint presentation.

In this presentation, I shared my project implementing ideas with my classmates and my project supervisor. I discussed the following agendas:

  • Project Title
  • Project Goals
  • Background of Project
  • Implementation Plan
  • Anticipated Outcome

After completing my presentation, My classmates gave me some useful suggestion that I was not considered before. I also received some questions from them that will help to write my project report.

Question from my classmate Karan:

What are your role in the project and my contribution?

Question from Ravi:

What technology is used for stream data analysis?

Question from Bhawana:

What would you use for your dataset? and who would be benefited from this project?

Apart from that, I also received the most important suggestion from my supervisor. He guided me how to start my project, what I should add in my presentation when the audience is not familiar with the topic.  This feedback will help me when I will be going to do my final project defence seminar and poster presentation.

From the week five, I am going to start Phase Two: Report writing and Implementation of the project.

Thank you 🙂


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