Week Six Activities: One to One Session

In this week, on 8 June 2017, I had a one-to-one session with my supervisor.  He reviewed my last week project activities and gave feedback on those. He also provided me upcoming week goal for the next meeting.

As per my supervisor feedback, this week I updated my table of contents part and introduction section.

My upcoming week activities are

  • Domain Analysis
  • Implementation part: preparing dataset, store in the Hadoop and analysis small portion
  • All services demon on the big data



Thank You 🙂




Week Five Activities: Table of Contents

My project title has been approved by the project committee. I got my feedback from my supervisor in this week. They shortened my project title and rest of the part is remain same. The new project title:

“An end-to-end scalable cloud-based analytical suite for simplification of business decision-making for Classified Big Dataset using Cloud Services”

In this week, I started to prepare my table of contents draft copy. I almost finished it. I have some confusion about some chapters. I will discuss it with my supervisor in my next meeting.

I also downloaded a dataset from the public domain for testing. The URL of the link:



The dataset is Airline On-Time Statistics and Delay Causes.

I will discuss dataset more about in my upcoming blogs.

Thank You 🙂

Week Five Activities: Preparing Introduction Chapter

In this week, I am preparing my introduction chapter which is the first chapter of my project report. I divided in this chapter with seven sub-section.

Chapter 1.0: Introduction

  • Background ( It will contain information about why I chose this project)
  • Problem Statement ( The problem I am going to focus on the project to solve)
  • Aim and objectives (Aim and objectives of my project)
  • Scopes ( In this section, I will cover what kind of big dataset, I am going to use to implement the project, different available cloud services and the one I am going to be  selected)
  • Significance of the study ( Contribution of my part in this project)
  • Report outline ( This section will give use of the next chapter)
  • Summary ( Summary section will be covered up what I have discussed the whole introduction and where I ended up) 

This introduction part is developed with the idea of the project proposal. I prepared my draft copy and I will discuss it next one-to-one section with my supervisor before finalise.

Thank you 🙂