Week Five Activities: Preparing Introduction Chapter

In this week, I am preparing my introduction chapter which is the first chapter of my project report. I divided in this chapter with seven sub-section.

Chapter 1.0: Introduction

  • Background ( It will contain information about why I chose this project)
  • Problem Statement ( The problem I am going to focus on the project to solve)
  • Aim and objectives (Aim and objectives of my project)
  • Scopes ( In this section, I will cover what kind of big dataset, I am going to use to implement the project, different available cloud services and the one I am going to be  selected)
  • Significance of the study ( Contribution of my part in this project)
  • Report outline ( This section will give use of the next chapter)
  • Summary ( Summary section will be covered up what I have discussed the whole introduction and where I ended up) 

This introduction part is developed with the idea of the project proposal. I prepared my draft copy and I will discuss it next one-to-one section with my supervisor before finalise.

Thank you 🙂


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