Week Seven Activities: Configuring Azure Storage Account

In my implementation phase, the first initiative is to create and configure Azure Storage Account to load datasets in the cloud.

For analysing data through HDInsight cluster, Data can be stored either in Azure Data lake Store, or Azure Storage Account.  Both storages keep safe data after deleting the HDInsight Hadoop clusters without any data loss.

Azure Blob storage container uses as a default file system for the HDInsight big data analytical system which stores all types of structure or unstructured data. Azure storage is robust and easily integrated with HDInsight.

Step for open Azure Storage Account:

Step 1: Login Microsoft Storage Account. Select Storage Accounts from dashboard of left side list1.jpg

Step 2:  Select “Create Storage Accounts”.2.jpg

Note that, Account kind must be ” General Purpose, performance “Standard” because HDinsight Hadoop cluster only supports this configuration.

Step 3: Configure “Resource Group”. If you already created “Resource group”, you can use previous one or you can create new resource group. Then, Select “Location”. Note: Use the same location for the whole implementation. I select “East US” location for my project.


Step 4: Click “Create”


Step 5: After received notification of successful deployment. My storage account is ready for data load.



Step 6: Monitor the Resource Provider Status. Here you can register and unregister services that can be integrated with Azure storage.


Step 2: Azure Storage Overview after completed the configuration


The Azure Storage configuration for integrating with HDInsight is simple, just need few clicks and need to focus on some selection type. I finished it without any complexity.

Thank you 🙂


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