Week Seven Activities: Open Azure Storage Account

In my implementation phase, the first initiative was to open Azure Storage Account to load dataset in the cloud.

MicrosoftAzure Blob storage is the massively scalable object storage for unstructured data. Users can also automatically scales up or down, hot or cool as per user requirement.

In my project,  A will load my classified dataset into the Azure Storage for ingesting.

Step for open Azure Storage Account:

Step 1: Login Microsoft Storage Account. Select Storage Accounts from dashboard of left side list


Step 2:  Select “Create Storage Accounts”.2.jpg

Step 3: Here I gave a name for storage account “bigdatasorageblob”5.jpg

Step 4: Select Storage service encrypted for data security. Then click “Create” in order to deployment.6.jpg

Step 5: After received notification of successful deployment. My storage account is ready for data load.7.jpg


Thank you 🙂


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