Week Nine Activities: Chapter two outcomes

I have completed chapter two in this week; This chapter is too long because, in this chapter, I discussed the areas of big data in terms of big data concept, sources of big data, importance and challenge, business intelligence for decision making and how it simplifies the business decision today.

The chapter also pointed on the infrastructure and platform issues and why public cloud is selected for analysis this project and finally the three public cloud service providers and their big data available products.

Finally, I concluded the chapter with the challenge and necessary demand in the big data market.

Summary of chapter two: Background

Domain analysis 

  • What are big data and sources of big data?
  • What are big data analysis and business intelligence and why they necessarily impact in today’s business and how can big data process and virtualize?

platform and infrastructure analysis:

  • What are the available platforms for big data analysis?
  • What are the drawbacks of the traditional platform?
  • What infrastructure models cloud platform offers to analyse big data analysis?

Technical analysis:

  • Discussed with the three cloud service providers in terms of big data solution.
  • What kind of services they offer for big data analysis?
  • What tool and services require for what type of data?
  • What is my selected platform and infrastructure, and why I choose it with justification?

As it is a too long chapter, I have to change my table of contents slightly and I will discuss this with my supervisor upcoming week.

Thank you 🙂



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