Week Nine Activities: Use SSH with HDInsight to Connect

In my test environment, I used HDInsight Linux (Ubuntu)  operating system for nodes within the Hadoop Cluster.

Command line for login Linux cluster:

<Cluster-Name>-ssh.azurehdinsight.net        port 22 Primary head node

<Cluster-name>-ssh.azurehdinsight.net         port 23 secondary headnode

<edgenodename>.<clustername>-ssh.azurehdinsight.net  port 22 edge node

<cluster-name> -ed-ssh.azurehdinght.net           port 22 (R server on HDInsight)

Step 1: If you don’t have PuTTY on your machine, download it from internet and install it before establish connection.

Step 2: Run your PuTTY software. Put the Hostname or IP Address and port number 22 for ssh connection.

Here my hostname is: “flightdelayh-ssh.azureinsight.net.”

If you don’t know hostname, go to the HDInsight Hadoop dashboard, overview configuration screen and “Secure Shell (SSH), and get your SSH hostname from there.22.jpg

Step 3: After HDInsight Hadoop SSH connection hostname and port number. Click “Open” for establishing a connection.


Step 4: You will get the following message. Click “Yes” to connect.2

Step 5: Provide SSH user name and password


Step 6: You can see the connection is established.


Thank you 🙂


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