Week Eleven Activities: Implementation (Chapter- IV)

In this week, I’ve started to write the report on chapter four “Implementation”.  The Implementation chapter will cover several phases of implementing steps from data collection to resulting data visualize through business Intelligence software.

The following steps I am going to use while writing this chapter:


Steps Name details
Collection of dataset Flight delay
Ingest dataset from local machine to Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure Storage
Preparing dataset Data cleaning, shaping for process
Create and configure HDInsight Cluster HDInsight Hadoop Cluster Linux operating system, 1 master and 2 workers VM
Store data in the HDInsight Hadoop Cluster Data Storing in Hadoop cluster Preparing for processing
Configure the network Checking network, security, and IP
Processing the data using Hive
Transfer the result data into Microsoft SQL data warehouse Result in data transfer to data warehouse Delete cluster after transfer
Configure the integration with BI and SQL data warehouse Configure Microsoft Power BI Configure Microsoft Power BI with Microsoft Azure SQL Server
Visualize the analytical data Generating report in different format Generating report and testing outcomes with different report format
Testing the business requirement of dataset Testing BI feature for decision making Testing how to make easily BI system for analyzing data and how to it help user without writing query

Thank you 🙂


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