Week Twelve Activities: Data Visualization via Microsoft Power BI

This is the final implementation phase of my project. In this step, I am going to show how we can visualize analyzed data that we received from Big data ecosystem. I will show different visualize model in graphical that will help to simplify business decision.

The task lists:

  1. Visualize data in different graphical mode with some sample examples
  2. Power BI Share and publish facilities

Task: Visualize data in various graphical mode with some sample examples

Example 1: Total average flight delay performance from Origin and destination cities from January to May 2017

total number of delay performace of Flightdelay.jpg

Example 2: To view the top 5 origin cities Security delay with other flight delays performance from January to May 2017. The delay calculation is counted in minutes for  Carrier Delay, Weather Delay, National Air System (NAS) Delay, Security Delay,  and Late Aircraft Delay.


Example 3: Top 5 Security delay destination cities experience with other delays performance.


Example 4: To find out the flight delay performance percentage for origin cities and destination cities during January to May 2017


Task 2: Power BI Share and publish facilities 

The sharing and publishing facilities of the Power BI is to share dashboard, individual report across the organization with a bunch of co-workers in real time. This facility help organization to take a decision together without sitting the same room. The receiver can view the report from his/her Power BI services online account anywhere of the world, and able to represent it different graphical mode without changing data. That helps to business to simplify business decision and more data insight.

Example 5: Now I am going to share and publish the percentage of top 5 cities security delay from January to May 2017.


Step 1: First you need to click “Publish” icon and sign-in-your Power BI service on line account. It must be your organization account and have Power BI license.11.jpg

Now you will get the following publishing box


You will receive success notification!


Step 2: View the Same report from recipient end

If receipt opens his/her Power BI, the receiver will see the sharing report on the dashboard.


Now you can see the same report is displaying from my workplace account. I can share this report with other co-workers as well.


Step 3: Now I can save the report, print it, publish to the web, Export to PowerPoint, Download.16.jpg

Step 4: Now I am showing how to “Export to PowerPoint”. Click on the file -> Export to PowerPoint.


Now you can export the report to powerPoint.



Directly open with PowerPoint


Therefore, It is given you the facility to show the graph in your PowerPoint Presentation slide. Besides that, you can add the graph report directly to blog and able to publish any web.


Step 4: Publish to the web.







Web link:


Thank you 🙂 


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