Week Eleven Activities: Power BI integration with Microsoft Azure Database

In this Implementation phase, I will discuss how to integrate Microsoft Azure SQL database with Power BI desktop.

The tasks list for this section:

  1. Integration with Azure SQL database
  2. Data visualization in different graphical mode

Task 1: Integration with Azure SQL database

You need to install Power BI application system on your machine if you don’t have installed it. Download it from Microsoft Power BI website and install it on your computer. You need to open an account with your email address, that email ID must be similar to the Azure account.

Step 1:  After opening your Power BI desktop application system, You will get “Get Data” option. Select “Azure” and Azure SQL Database, Click connect1.jpg

Step 2: Now provide your Azure SQL Server connecting string, database name for establishing connection. Data connectivity mode “Import”, click “Ok”.2.jpg

Step 3:  Now you need to navigator with the tables you want to import. You can select more than one tables for importing. 3.jpg

Step 4: It will take some time to fetch the data from Azure SQL to Power BI Application system.5.jpg

Step 5: Now you can see your data is imported into Power BI and ready for further analyzing and data visualizations.



Thank you 🙂


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