TADHACK GLOBAL 2017 Experience

TADHACK GLOBAL 2017 September 23-24 Auckland

Attending TAD Hack Global 2017 was one of most thrilling experience I enjoyed last weekend. Before that, I attended a lot of competitions with my own team or with proper preparation, this time It was totally different experience. When I went to Oracle New Zealand on Saturday morning, I hadn’t any idea what I was going to do or whom I was going to meet. I met first time with my five unknown team-mates, TAD Hack Coordinators. It was a global competition. Therefore, we can see each other activities on Live Stream telecast. TAD Hack is the widely global competition for all kind of IT professionals included students, business executive, or anyone.

When people meet with a common interest, they don’t need to know each other for starting a conversation. When we started sharing our ideas, we even didn’t know each other name. We didn’t know where we came from or what is our background. We were all focusing on our ideas and how to implement it.

After a few hours, we got to collaborate. We planned, designed and started implementing. We solved and troubleshoot problems, supported each other’s, wrote code, deployed the project, and celebrated each successful moment. We spent 2 days, almost 18 hours together. We never felt like uncomfortable, or we met the first time.  When we finished our competition, wrapped up our bag, and left Oracle New Zealand office, feelings were like we know each other.

Our story is: Six different unknown IT nerds, met somewhere, took a common challenge, and completed it.

I learned one thing: Passion and dedication can take you anywhere you wish to.

We won Local TADHack Auckland Prize and 1st Prize from Temasys Global Winners.

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