Creating Distributed Highly Available System in AWS Cloud

Background of the Project: Background of the Project: A website has been running in local infrastructure. The activity of the website is to sell dinosaur and name of the website is Dinostore.

On-Premises Resources:

  • Local Storage system
  • MYSQL Database
  • ASP.NEP Application

The objective of the project is to move it AWS public cloud services from the local platform for enabling an elastic, scale-out and scale-down infrastructure to match IT costs in real time as customer traffic fluctuates.

In this project, I demonstrated to migrate that website from local infrastructure to AWS Cloud platform.

diagram (1).png

In this blog, I described the total migration procedure in 10 modules:

The modules are:

Module 1: Provisioning Durable Storage with S3

Module 2: Using RDS with ASP.NET Applications

Module 3: Using DynamoDB as a Session State Provider

Module 4: Configuring the System to Use Simple Queue Service

Module 5: Adding EC2 Virtual Machines and Deploying the WebApp

Module 6: Creating and using AMIs

Module 7: Using Elastic IPs

Module 8: Using ELB to Scale Applications

Module 9: Enabling Auto Scale to Handle Spikes and Troughs

Module 10: Configuring DNS with Route S3

I hope it will help you to move your applications or websites to the AWS cloud platform from your on-premises infrastructure.

Thank you 🙂