Graduate Diploma Project PRJ-702: Big Data and Business Intelligence

Hello, Everyone!

I am going to write a journal on my final year course ” Graduate Diploma Project PRJ-702″. I will publish all of my activities for keeping a record of my project progress including what I am learning, and what I will do during developing the project. I will also share what information and knowledge I get from my supervisor, the Internet and outsources to accomplish the project successfully.

It is an opportunity to work on a topic independently within a specialist field where I will able to learn how to handle a project individually with a professional approach. It will also help me to develop problem-solving skills, decision-making, analysis and deploying, and documentation. The duration of the development project is 16 weeks.

In this course, I will work under a supervisor who will assist me to complete the project. My Supervisor name is Mr.Ali Javan, IT Lecturer, NMIT (Global Campus).

Thank you 🙂