Virtualization Fundamentals

Virtualization breaks the bond between hardware and applications, allowing the customer to realise higher utilisation levels of their physical resources.


Before virtualization, each server has storage, RAM, CPU, an operating system and an application. After virtualization, it has become a single box with a CPU, RAM, and the help of virtualization software such as VMware ESX Operating system.  A CPU and RAM of the server can be shared multiple server and application together, as a result, processing power can be reduced.

The benefit of Server Virtualization:

  1. Lower server spends due to increased server utilisation
  2. Decreased operating cost including power, cooling, real estate
  3. Lower management costs
  4. Increase flexibility in term of faster implementation of new apps and re-purposing existing servers.
  5. Higher availability because disaster recovery (DR) can be more widely implemented

Server Virtualization challenges:

  • Hardware outrage could be more serious
  • Backup of a virtualized environment could be impossible with the traditional backup window
  • Storage failure can wipe numerous applications

Why we need virtualization?


NetApp Storage Virtualization:

  • We do for storage what VMware does for server
  • Pooled storage resources
  • Multiprotocol
  • High utilization
  • Lower TCO such as operational cost, management, and training

How to solving server virtualization challenges with NetApp Storage:

  1. Potential storage failure:

Problem: storage failure can cause downtime for many more users

Solution: need more reliable storage

  • RAID –DP is superior data protection to RAID 5
  • Significantly less expense than RAID 10

2. Backup challenges

Problem: Backup of a visualised environment could be impossible within the traditional backup windows

Solutions: Need faster and more flexible backup

  • Snapshot copies
  • Time for backup is greatly reduced
  • Many snapshot copies can be kept for more flexibility
  • Instant restoration
  • No performance degradation
  • Less storage space needed than competitors

The benefit of NetApp Storage:

  1. Storage utilization

storage utilization

2. Storage Virtualization with A-SIS Deduplication:


3. Multiprotocol architecture: Pooled storage

  • Disaster recovery more accessible
  • Lower overall TCO
  • Investment protection

Question: What is main reason virtualization system becoming more popular in a business organisation? 

Answer: The main factor to consider for the popularity of the virtualization system is minimising hardware, space and reducing resources wasting cost. Example, before virtualization same file, might be shared 300 users with 300 copies but after virtualization, one copy of the same file can access 300 of users from the same location. The destroy recovery solution is another reason f gaining virtualization system day by day.