Week One Phase -1 Activities

Introduction Class

On 04 May 2017 was the first day class of my PRJ-702 course. My Supervisor name is Mr Ali Javan but Today I have done my class with Mr David Airehrour.

 The class has been started with an introduction part, David introduced himself to us, and we also introduced ourselves to him individually. After that, he asked us what we are thinking of PRJ 702 and what is the topic we are interested in? Some students responded that they are going to take “Research project” and some students showed interest in “Implementation project”.

As I am thinking to do a development project, I shared my ideas with him. He gave me some suggestion and recommendation about my topic.

Then he began the regular class after completed introduction part. First of all, he discussed the structure of the PRJ 702 course, then what is the aim of this course, and how to find information about relevant topics.

Then he took a detailed class on how to write a project proposal. He showed us two demo project proposal templates and shared some useful youtube video.

At the end of the class,  he asked us to submit our topic that we are interested in.

This was all about my first day of PRJ journey and It was enjoyable.

Thank you 🙂


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